We believe our winning formula is proven technical knowledge, coupled with industry expertise, which strengthens our role as the leading industrial gas aftercare provider in the United Kingdom.

Our service department is continually growing and developing to accommodate the expanding needs of our clients within the industrial and commercial gas industry. Our team of mobile engineer’s focus is to ensure costly downtime is prevented and offer product knowledge to allow for quick solutions, ultimately saving our clients valuable time and money.

All of our engineers have the legislative accreditation and expertise. And are available for installation, maintenance and breakdown calls throughout the UK and Europe 24 hours a day 365 day a year.

Food Process; Through our extensive food sector client base, we support all types and makes of gas burners found within the food manufacturing industry. Including Weishaupt, Maxon Inc, Comtherm, Eclipse, Nu-Way, and Reillo.

We also manufacture the energy efficient Enviromont™ WMN gas burner which offers multiple applications from Biscuit to Cracker baking, to drying, toasting and grilling food products.

Regardless of the manufacture or design of the appliance our operatives have the experience needed to supply solutions to the process plant, direct or indirect, Baker Perkins, APV, Tweedy, Haas Menicke, Spooner Industries, Spooner Vickers & Double D to name a few.

Though our matrix of experience we also offer support for temperature control, instrument calibration, programmable logic controller (PLC), oven repairs, oven moves and new installations, extraction duct / flue repairs / new installations with annual internal cleaning with CCTV recording and on-site gas safety awareness training.

Mont Selas Servicing Department montselas.com

Commercial sector

Mont Selas LTD offers commercial heating, hot water and commercial catering aftercare solutions for factories, offices and warehouses. And provide planned preventative maintenance throughout the UK. For which we pride ourselves on getting the right skills for the right job, every time.

Offering a full range of servicing and repairs and on all commercial gas appliances and catering equipment including;

Maintenance contracts.

Commissioning of gas burners & direct or indirect heaters.

Combustion problems and Flue gas analysis.

Gas pipe work strength and tightness testing within scopes UP1 & UP1A, Gas leaks & testing.

Catering parts and spares.